Complete General Surgery Services At North Bengal Neuro Centre in Siliguri

Welcome to North Bengal Neuro Center, a specialized general surgery practice where compassion and knowledge meet for a perfect surgical experience. Situated in the heart of Siliguri, we are glad to offer innovative and personalized surgical care through our team of highly skilled and experienced general surgeons in Siliguri.

Neurologist in Siliguri

At North Bengal Neuro Center, we are aware of how important surgical procedures are for enhancing life quality. Our goal is to provide each patient with individualized, all-inclusive surgical solutions that guarantee accurate diagnosis, efficient care, and kind attention at every stage of the surgical process.

Get to Know Our Skilled General Surgery Team In Siliguri

Our committed group of general surgeons in Siliguri at North Bengal Neuro Center combines years of training and experience to provide top-notch surgical care. Know about the experts who have been setting the standard for general surgery at our clinic:

Dr. R. Kenneth Sharon Wilma
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Dr. R. Kenneth Sharon Wilma

MBBS, MS Consultant and Surgeon


Monday - Friday 11 am-12 pm, 5pm - 6pm On Thursday 11am -12 pm

Dr. R. Kenneth Sharon Wilma is a well-known figure in general surgery offering patients excellent surgical care. Dr. Wilma is regarded as the best general surgeon in Siliguri for her ability to handle serious medical conditions with compassion and successful surgical procedures.


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Promise To Offer Surgical Excellence:

At North Bengal Neuro Center, our general surgery staff is dedicated to providing individualized and thorough surgical care, guaranteeing the best possible results and patient satisfaction.

When To See A General Surgeon In Siliguri

Apprehension about when to consult an experienced general surgeon in Siliguri is essential for the efficient management of a range of medical disorders. Think about getting advice from a Siliguri Top-rated general surgeon if you encounter any of these symptoms:

Digestive Problems

Changes in bowel habits, chronic heartburn, or trouble swallowing.

Abnormal Growths or Lumps

Any odd growths or lumps in the body, particularly in the neck, belly, or breast.

Abdominal discomfort

Severe or persistent stomach discomfort that is not relieved by any over-the-counter drugs.

Pancreatic or Gallbladder Problems

Prominent signs and symptoms of pancreatitis, gallstones, or jaundice.


Hernias are noticeable groin or abdominal bulges or protrusions that may need to be surgically repaired.

Heart Conditions Needing Surgery

Certain heart-related problems like coronary artery disease call for surgical procedures.

Skin Lesions or Tumors

These include skin lesions, tumors, or suspicious moles that need to be examined or biopsied.

Injuries Necessitating Surgery

Some traumatic wounds such as deep cuts or fractures necessitate a surgical intervention.

Our Expert General Surgery Services: Investigate Cutting-Edge Surgical Care

Visit North Bengal Neuro Center to learn more about our experience providing specialist general surgery services offered by the Trusted general surgeon in Siliguri:

Colon and Rectal Surgeries

Surgical management of inflammatory bowel illness, cancer, and polyps related to the colon.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Less invasive methods for treating ailments like hernia repair, gallbladder illness, and appendicitis.

Breast Surgery

Complete care for the breasts with advanced surgical procedures including reconstruction, mastectomy, and lumpectomy.

Cardiac Procedures

Advanced operations for heart diseases, including valve repair and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

Vascular Surgery

This advanced surgical intervention involves aneurysm repair and treatment for peripheral artery disease (PAD).


Endocrinology encompasses surgical interventions for diverse conditions impacting the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands.

Pediatric Surgery

Congenital defects and pediatric disorders are treated with specialized surgical care for newborns and kids.

At North Bengal Neuro Center, every surgery is carried out by highly qualified Board-certified general surgeons utilizing the most advanced and modern methods, guaranteeing accuracy, safety, and the best possible results for our patients.

Why Choose North Bengal Neuro Center For General Surgery In Siliguri?

Neurologist in Siliguri

We at North Bengal Neuro Center are dedicated to providing compassionate patient care along with the highest caliber of comprehensive general surgical services. The following justifies putting your trust in us for your surgical needs:

Broad Variety of Surgical Services

Take advantage of a wide range of surgical interventions and treatments for a variety of medical ailments and surgical requirements.

Skilled and Experienced Surgical Team

With a broad range of surgical operations under their belts, our best general surgeons in Siliguri are exceptionally skilled and experienced.

Patient-Centered Care

We always put your health first. We give you individualized attention, listening to your worries and enlightening you about the available surgical procedures.

Emphasis on Precise Minimally Invasive Techniques

To expedite recovery and lessen post-operative discomfort, we give priority to minimally invasive surgical techniques whenever feasible.

For top-notch general surgery care, put your trust in the North Bengal Neuro Center. Throughout your surgical journey, our team of skilled general surgeon in Siliguri is committed to your health and well-being, providing you with individualized care and support. Make an appointment for a consultation and discuss your surgery needs with us right now.

For further health-related queries, don't hesitate to contact us by dialling +91 83730 49859 / +91 83730 49879. You can also consider filling out the enquiry form for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Severe pain, UTIs, persistent symptoms after non-invasive therapies, or complications including urinary obstruction and blood in urine indicate the requirement of a kidney stone removal operation.

The time it takes for individuals to fully recover and resume normal activities after open heart surgery varies depending on the procedure and personal health variables. In most cases, the recovery period can range between a few weeks to months.

Following surgery, the length of recovery varies based on the treatment and personal health circumstances. Initially, you should anticipate some pain, edema, and exhaustion.

As directed by your general surgeon in Siliguri, adhere to the post-operative recommendations for rest, pain management, wound care, and a gradual increase in activity.

Obesity can raise the risks of surgery, including anesthesia-related problems, wound healing issues, and surgical site infections. To guarantee individualized care and the best possible results, it's critical to discuss any obesity-related issues you may have with your surgeon.

Medical examinations, blood work, imaging investigations, and guidelines for fasting or prescription changes before surgery are examples of pre-operative preparation.

It's possible that dietary changes will be advised both before and after appendix surgery. Our Skilled surgeon for various procedures in Siliguri could suggest fasting or following particular food guidelines before surgery. Following surgery, you might have to begin with a bland diet and add solid things back in gradually as long as you can take it. Carefully adhere to your surgeon's instructions for the best possible recovery.

Infection, hemorrhage, blood clots, and anesthetic reactions are possible risks of general surgery. There can also be specific risks based on the type of operation performed.

To guarantee appropriate healing and rehabilitation, post-operative care includes wound care, pain management, physical therapy, and follow-up sessions.

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