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Orthopaedics is the study of treating injuries to the muscles and bones. An orthopaedist treats disorders and discomfort related to the musculoskeletal system. This system, which is made up of bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and connective tissues, creates blood cells, protects organs from harm, and stores vital minerals like calcium. It also makes movement easier. Multiple problems may impact these essential components. Orthopaedic doctors specialize in the nonsurgical and surgical treatment of injured bones and muscles.

Orthopaedic Doctor in Siliguri

Welcome to North Bengal Neuro Centre's Orthopaedic Services, where we offer excellent care for all of your musculoskeletal requirements. To guarantee you receive the finest care possible, our team of highly qualified orthopaedic doctors in Siliguri is committed to providing thorough and individualized treatment regimens. We are here to assist you in achieving the best possible health and mobility, whether you're coping with a sports injury, persistent joint discomfort, or require surgery.

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Dr. Ashis Gupta
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Dr. Mritunjay Roy

MBBS, MS (Ortho) Consultant & Surgeon

Experience : 25 years


Monday - Saturday 10am - 12pm

Area of Expertise

  • Joint Replacement
  • Arthroscopic Ligament
  • Pelviacetabular Trauma
  • Complex Trauma Surgery
  • Sport-Related Injury
  • Arthroplasty


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Come meet our skilled team of board-certified orthopaedic doctors by visiting North Bengal Neuro Center, recognized as the best orthopaedic hospital in Siliguri. Our orthopaedic specialists are dedicated to offering personalized, caring treatment to every patient. They have extensive knowledge and years of specialized training, and they are committed to assisting you in achieving the best possible mobility and health.

Common Orthopedic Disorders

Recurrent or Constant Joint Pain

A variety of orthopaedic disorders, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or tendinitis, may be indicated by persistent pain in one or more joints, regardless of whether it is dull, throbbing, or severe.

Joint Swelling or Redness

Joint inflammation or irritation can show up as joint swelling or redness, which can be a sign of underlying conditions like bursitis or arthritis.

Crunching Feeling in Bones

Wear and tear on cartilage or diseases like osteoarthritis can cause crepitus, which is sensations that seem like they are grinding, popping, or crunching inside the joints.

Joint Stiffness or Difficulty in Moving

Osteoarthritis or joint injuries may be indicated by stiffness in the joints or difficulty moving them, especially after periods of inactivity.

If you experience any of these symptoms then you need to contact the leading orthopaedic specialist in Siliguri.

When to Go to the Best Orthopedic Hospital in Siliguri: Identifying the Indications

To get the best possible results and prompt action, it is imperative to know when to seek orthopaedic care. If you encounter any of the following, think about making an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon in Siliguri:

Icons Restricted Range of Motion

An orthopaedic issue may be indicated by chronic stiffness or trouble moving a joint. Whether there is an abrupt restriction or a progressive loss of movement, getting a professional evaluation can help find the problem and fix it before it becomes worse.

Icons Numbness or Tingling

Nerve compression or other orthopaedic problems may be the cause of persistent numbness, tingling, or weakening in your limbs. To avoid long-term harm, it's critical to get examined.

Icons Persistent Pain

See an orthopaedic physician as soon as possible if you're experiencing persistent pain in your bones, muscles, or joints, especially if it's interfering with your everyday activities. Persistent pain frequently signals an underlying problem that needs to be addressed by a specialist.

Icons Joint Instability or Swelling

Conditions like arthritis or ligament injuries may be the cause of swelling, instability, or a clicking feeling in the joints. Orthopaedic doctors are qualified to conduct evaluations to identify the cause and provide suitable measures.

Icons Trauma and Injuries

Any musculoskeletal trauma arising from sports injuries, falls, or accidents should be evaluated by an orthopaedic specialist right once. Prompt intervention can avert difficulties and facilitate the best possible recuperation.

Icons Chronic problems

Regular appointments with orthopaedic doctors are beneficial for people with chronic musculoskeletal problems such as osteoporosis or arthritis. Maintaining these conditions and keeping an eye on them can enhance quality of life and stop further decline.

Orthopaedic physicians treat a wide range of problems, from simple accidents to complicated diseases, and are essential to maintaining our musculoskeletal health. People can take proactive measures to preserve a healthy and active lifestyle by identifying the indicators that call for orthopaedic attention and contacting the best orthopaedic hospital in Siliguri.

Our All-Inclusive Orthopaedic Services

We provide a wide range of orthopaedic services in Siliguri at North Bengal Neuro Center to treat a variety of musculoskeletal ailments and accidents. Our team of skilled orthopaedic surgeons and experts is committed to providing customized treatment plans and the best orthopaedic care in Siliguri to suit every patient's specific requirements. An outline of our orthopaedic services is provided below:

Treatment for Sports Injuries

Our orthopaedic specialists are experienced in treating a broad spectrum of sports-related injuries, from simple sprains to intricate ligament tears. We provide athletes with both surgical and non-surgical treatment options that are intended to return them to optimal performance in a safe and effective manner.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Hip, knee, and shoulder replacements are among the joint replacement procedures in which our orthopaedic department specializes. Our Knee specialist in Siliguri guarantees accurate and successful operations using cutting-edge methods and cutting-edge equipment, which helps patients recover more quickly and achieve better results.

Arthroscopy and Minimally Surgical Procedures

With the least amount of disruption to surrounding tissues, we may accurately diagnose and treat joint disorders through the use of sophisticated arthroscopy and minimally invasive methods. Patients having orthopaedic operations recover more quickly and experience less pain following surgery thanks to this method.

Paediatric Orthopedics

For kids with musculoskeletal disorders, such as congenital malformations, growth-related problems, and sports injuries, we offer specialized care. Our pediatric orthopaedic team is dedicated to providing young patients with kind and efficient care, promoting healthy growth and development.

Spinal Surgery

We treat a wide range of spinal disorders with our spine surgery services, including scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and herniated discs. Our skilled surgeons work with patients with spinal diseases to relieve pain and restore function using cutting-edge surgical techniques and a multidisciplinary approach.

Care for Trauma and Fractures

Emergency care for traumatic injuries and fractures is provided by our orthopaedic department around the clock. Our team works to provide patients with the finest possible care, allowing for a rapid and thorough recovery and rehabilitation.

Discover Superior Orthopaedic Treatment

At North Bengal Neuro Center, we're committed to giving our patients the best orthopaedic care possible in Siliguri. Our orthopaedic team of knowledgeable doctors in Siliguri is dedicated to assisting people in regaining mobility, reducing pain, and improving their quality of life. We achieve this by placing a strong emphasis on innovation, knowledge, and compassion. Whether you have a catastrophic accident, degenerative disease, or sports injury, you can rely on our orthopaedic clinic in Siliguri to get the best orthopaedic care and support.

Why Opt for Orthopaedic Care at North Bengal Neuro Center?

Find out why North Bengal Neuro Center is the best option for orthopaedic treatment and successful orthopaedic procedures:

Patient-Centric Approach

At North Bengal Neuro Center, we place a high value on customized care that is suited to the unique requirements of each patient. We enable patients to actively participate in their recovery process by integrating them into their treatment programs and offering them thorough education.

Specialized Orthopaedic Care

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and specially designed orthopaedic ICU beds. Specialized orthopaedic equipment is fitted in every orthopaedic ICU bed to cater to the specific requirements of orthopaedic patients.

All-inclusive Facilities

A dedicated orthopaedic section with modern operating rooms and 24-hour emergency services is housed within our hospital. We guarantee timely and effective care for all orthopaedic patients with fully equipped orthopaedic theatres and specialized orthopaedic ICU beds.

For the most skilled and caring orthopaedic care from the top orthopaedic doctors in Siliguri, choose North Bengal Neuro Center. A wide range of orthopaedic disorders can be effectively diagnosed and treated thanks to our modern facilities and expert services. Supported by a knowledgeable group of healthcare experts, our customized approach to therapy and cutting-edge facilities offer improved orthopaedic care for a fruitful recuperation process.

Improving Skeletal Health: The Benefit of Orthopaedics

In addition to diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions, orthopaedic doctors at our clinic are essential in preventative care, enabling people to preserve ideal musculoskeletal health. The following are significant factors emphasizing the value of orthopaedic care:

Prevention of Sports Injuries Prevention of Sports Injuries

Orthopaedic knowledge is beneficial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts in avoiding sports-related injuries. Orthopaedic doctors play a major role in helping athletes prevent injuries by providing advice on protective gear, detecting biomechanical problems, and optimizing training methods.

Advice on Lifestyle Advice on Lifestyle

Get professional advice on leading a lifestyle that is friendly to your musculoskeletal system from orthopaedic specialists. They provide advice on individualized workout plans, workplace ergonomics, and ways to avoid getting hurt while exercising. To receive more such lifestyle advice, book an orthopaedic consultation in Siliguri today.

Promotion of Bone Health Promotion of Bone Health

As protectors of bone health, orthopaedic doctors offer advice on maintaining bone density and averting diseases like osteoporosis. This preventive approach is especially important for older people who want to keep their bones resilient and strong.

Management of Occupational Health Management of Occupational Health

Those who work in physically demanding jobs or do repetitive chores may be at risk for occupational injuries. Orthopaedic doctors assess working environments, suggest ergonomic changes, and offer advice on minimizing musculoskeletal problems associated with the workplace.

Enhancement of Posture Enhancement of Posture

Orthopaedic doctors can help you properly address posture-related issues. They evaluate problems with posture and provide corrective techniques to avoid long-term consequences including spine misalignments and persistent back pain.

With the finest orthopaedic treatments at our clinic, you can take advantage of comprehensive musculoskeletal care and preventive techniques suited to your specific needs. Our professional group of orthopaedic doctors is focused on assisting you in leading an active, pain-free life and encouraging musculoskeletal health.

For a smooth treatment experience, call us at +91 83730 49859 / +91 83730 49879 to make an appointment with the best orthopaedic doctor in Siliguri. You can also use our online Appointment Enquiry form to get further medical assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not every orthopaedic ailment calls for surgery. Initially, your orthopaedic doctor will look at non-surgical options including medicine, physical therapy, or injections. If non-invasive therapies are unable to relieve your symptoms or if surgery is necessary to treat your illness, then you may be advised to have surgery.

Many musculoskeletal diseases, such as fractures, arthritis, sports injuries, spinal disorders, and joint deformities are effectively treated by orthopaedic doctors in Siliguri.

Orthopaedic doctors advise leading a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and ergonomic habits to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. In addition, exercising proper body mechanics and using the proper protective gear when engaging in physical activities will help lower the chance of injury.

Imaging techniques such as X-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and bone density scans (DEXA scans) are frequently used to diagnose orthopaedic disorders. Orthopaedic doctors can examine the bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues with the aid of these tests to look for anomalies or injuries.

Absolutely, there are orthopaedic treatment alternatives available at our best orthopaedic hospital in Siliguri to aid in the management of long-term ailments like arthritis. To reduce pain and enhance joint function, these may include drugs, injections into the joints, physical therapy, assistive technology, and in certain situations, surgery.

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